BLUEWHALE Construction & Project Management Sdn Bhd

Was incorporated in 2015, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Our firms tailors construction and project management solutions to suit our clients requirement. We specialize in Construction & Project Management Consultancy for Government, Private & Commercial Sector. We have completed and successfully delivered various landmark developments locally and overseas.



  • To Establish Ourselves as a Consultant of Choice Recognized for the Quality of Our People and Our Service for Customer.
  • To Build a Sustainable Construction & Project Management Business by Delivering Cost Effective and Innovative Solutions to Our Clients.


  • To Provide the Best Construction & Project Management Service by Adding Values to our Clients through Cost Effective and Innovation Solution with Reliability, Safety and Quality of Work
  • Provide Valued Engineered Services with Integrity, Quality, Teamwork
  • To Encourage and Foster an Innovative Spirit with the Aim of Continuously Seeking Improvement to the Quality and Services Offered by Us to Our Customers.
  • To Build a Long-Lasting Relationship with Our Customers and Employees and to Continuously Aim to Excel Industry’s Highest Standards.

3 Steps! Service Approach

Category 1:

Pre Construction / Pre PMC

Category 2:

During Construction / During PMC

Category 3:

Post Construction / Post PMC